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Cleaning high rises and smaller buildings windows faces:

Fall risk exposure

According to IRATA, human fall injuries happen twice a week. Statistics show that number of workers is growing constantly leading to an increased risk of human fall.

Low productivity

Despite glass facade look industrial, maintenance operations are very slow because of difficult access, non continuous process, limited facade access means and manual tasks. More over workers often have to do multiple tasks, like inspection which reduces their average productivity.

Competition lowering margin

Due to reduced barrier to entry, a lot of competitors share the market. This leads to high competition and then to low margin. Seasonability and weather conditions make cleaning operations even more hard to manage.

Complex Setup

Ground security areas often goes close to the road. Gardens and water often prevent ground access. BMU on roofs require qualified people with special abilities not hold by operators. Some building don’t even have any access equipment on roof: they must be installed and removed after operations. Set up of these equipements may be complex due to regulations and security reasons.

Our Solution:

A cleaning co-worker, operating from the roof, offering a continuous cleaning process and providing tools to operators.

What is it?

It’s a Clean-Kong!

Carriable glass facades cleaning robot for high rises and smaller buildings

Some efficiency facts about Clean-Kong

Robot weight
Water cumsomption
Average cost per m2

How is it setup?

The robot is supplied with osmosis water from roof. A controlled hoist by Erylon is then anchored to the roof. Finally the robot is connected to the hoist umbilical and then placed above facade using the hoist or BMU’s pulley.

Operator can either control it from roof or work aside it

Robot automatically moves from top to bottom and then gets back to top. When a row is finished, operator moves the robot to the next row.

How does it work?

Hoist provides osmosis water and power to the robot through holding umbilical. Osmosis water is sprayed on windows while rotating brushes clean them. Succers press brushes against facades while robot is moving. Robot communicates with hoist to control its descent.

About Erylon

Erylon is a start-up founded in 2015 by CEO Emmanuel ROBERT. It is located in south France, near Marseille city. It is sponsored by  Pays d’Aix Developpement.

Erylon is always seeking for talented people. We believe that in the world there are absolutely awesome people who have the imagination and skills to create extraordinary things. Above offering exciting and chanllenging jobs, Erylon offers flexibility, equity, financial and non financial rewards. If you share these values, we would be glad you would join the team: apply to us!

Erylon wants to develop worldwide wherever safety and productivity concerns are. Erylon is seeking for abroad partners willing to distribute its products. If you are interested, please contact us.

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